We invite you to partner with SuperFriend – your intermediary between the mental health, superannuation and insurance sectors.

As we grapple with the rising cost of mental health in Australia – only set to increase in the wake of the recent bushfires and global pandemic – there has never been a more urgent need for effective early intervention and prevention strategies in mental health.

SuperFriend is uniquely positioned at the juncture of financial services and mental health to help transform your mental health-related insurance outcomes.

Through a partnership with us, RGA will be able to:

broaden analytics and risk identification capability through access to our national preventative mental health data sets

enhance product design to transform early intervention and prevention strategies for measurable impact

improve profitability and social impact by co-designing innovative solutions that address organisational and customer challenges

reduce the financial impact of claims duration and poor CX by pioneering new claims management strategies

generate new insights that uncover opportunities for positive change at industry and policy level

Please explore this site, where we detail the opportunities available.

We look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial partnership with you.

  • Enhance your mental health data analytics through access to ‘preventative’ data from Australia’s leading and longest-running workplace mental health study – Indicators of a Thriving Workplace. Access to this data provides you with extensive opportunities for new insights including possible opportunities to design better early intervention and prevention initiatives.

  • Co-develop research opportunities to drive positive change in industry and government policy agendas and practical solutions

  • Collaborate in developing future insight papers relating to mental health and suicide prevention that are relevant to progressing industry and member outcomes

  • Improve understanding, awareness and engagement with staff and clients by having access to SuperFriend’s extensive collection of thought leadership articles and other content

  • Enhance your own organisational performance through Industry-specific data and insights into employee mental health, employer support and capabilities, and incidence of mental health conditions and potential claims

  • Co-design impact measures for our Partnership with you and more broadly across the industry and report the positive changes we are making together
  • Invest in continually enhancing capability, knowledge and customer experiences for claims and underwriting staff within your organisation and that of your clients through accessing existing solutions and co-designing new solutions on mental health and suicide prevention

  • Build the skills, knowledge and expertise of claims and underwriting staff to empower employees to identify early biopsychosocial risk factors and take preventative action

  • Refine your underwriting guidelines through improved mental health language and questionnaire design

  • Transform claims experiences for customers and staff, by investing in best-practice Person-Centred Communications – a proactive, evidence-based training program that empowers customer motivation for recovery

  • Influence and inform the development of innovative new solutions to solve the challenges faced by your organisation, and your clients

  • Grow your team’s expertise and skills in addressing mental health and suicide prevention though industry-specific and ALUCA accredited, training programs and learning journeys on MySuperFriend – ensuring your organisation, and your clients, always remain compliant with FSC’s Standard 21

  • Improve staff retention, engagement and productivity by working with SuperFriend’s consultants to analyse your own organisations mental wellbeing initiatives and strategies and devise cost-effective and impactful enhancement plans to address any challenges and capability gaps within your organisation

  • Build your organisation’s profile through sponsorship of SuperFriend’s Partnership Summit – a new, cross-sector industry leading event showcasing the latest trends, research, insights and innovative practices of ‘what works’ in mental health and suicide prevention, whilst providing you and your staff with professional and business development opportunities

  • Enhance industry-wide progress in mental health and suicide prevention projects through collaboration initiatives facilitated by SuperFriend, such as:

    • Contribution to future Government and regulatory submissions about mental health, wellbeing and suicide prevention to influence sustainable industry policy and practice
    • Establishment of a Reinsurance & Actuarial Mental Health Action Group to focus on data, trends and other industry initiatives
    • Participation in SuperFriend’s Insurance Mental Health Collective to prioritise and action life insurance industry initiatives
  • Demonstrate leadership and client stewardship by hosting clients at collaboration events with Victorian Workplace Mental Wellbeing Collaboration, LeadingWell Queensland and other strategic thought leadership events

  • Opportunity to represent the Reinsurance sector by joining SuperFriend’s Expert Advisory Committee (two positions on this committee have been reserved for Reinsurance Partners)

  • Remain up to date with relevant policy and systems change intel provided by SuperFriend through its participation in National Alliances and other mental health and suicide prevention focused collaborations

  • Opportunity to influence the National Workplace Initiative through participation in various working groups as the initiative is being designed and developed

  • Expand your networks of mental health and suicide prevention sector experts, researchers, practitioners and peak bodies through SuperFriend’s extensive relationships across these sectors

SuperFriend is the only mental health organisation partnering with life insurers and profit-to-member super funds to address unique-to-sector challenges. Our collaborative work with our Partners has kept mental health and suicide prevention on the agenda for over 13 years, achieving positive social and economic impact.

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Partnering with SuperFriend will have a positive impact on your business, staff, customers, industry and the community.

Through regular evaluation and impact measurement, we have built a strong understanding of the benefits our solutions deliver.

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We’d love to take the conversation further.

Margo Lydon – CEO, SuperFriend: margo.lydon@superfriend.com.au

Sandy MacLeod, General Manager of Insurance Solutions, SuperFriend: sandy.macleod@superfriend.com.au