Partnering with SuperFriend will have a positive impact on your business, staff, customers, industry and the community.

Through regular evaluation and impact measurement, we have built a strong understanding of the benefits our solutions deliver to individuals, Partners, workplaces and the broader community.

SuperFriend is committed to quality evaluation to drive continuous improvements and share our knowledge of ‘what works’. Measuring impact, especially in prevention-oriented work is not easy, however there are many tools that help us determine the impact and outcomes of our insights, solutions and advocacy.

Solutions that work

Following SuperFriend Training, attendees consistently report feeling more capable, confident and empowered in their role. This leads to real gains which flow on to workplaces and customers.

For every $1 invested in SuperFriend’s flagship Mental Health and Wellbeing modules, Ernst and Young estimated a return of $3.40 in social value.

This includes more than $2 for training attendees (contact centre and claims staff), demonstrated by:

  • Increased work and personal satisfaction
  • Enhanced job performance, and
  • Increased resilience.

Better interactions around mental health and wellbeing:

  • Improved ability to identify the signs and symptoms
  • Greater capacity to empathise with callers, and
  • Greater confidence and ability to respond effectively to challenging calls.

Better outcomes for claims customers, and an estimated additional $1.20 in social value:

  • Reduced stress and frustration
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced risk of suicidality, and
  • Increased peace of mind.

Instead of ‘dancing around the subject’ of self-harm and suicide, I was empowered to ask those questions.”

Training attendee

Training attendee, Your Content Goes Here

“Clients sometimes want you to push back on them, they want you to be angry and respond.”

Training attendee

Training attendee

Wellbeing on Call: Creating Thriving Contact Centres

With funding through WorkSafe Victoria’s WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund, SuperFriend was recently able to partner with five organisations in the superannuation and insurance industry to co-design a program to protect and promote the mental health and wellbeing of their contact centre employees. It delivered substantial and sustained gains across the board. Participants reported improved mental health literacy, leadership skills and overall workplace satisfaction and engagement.

Broader system-wide impact

SuperFriend has been at the forefront of influencing industry mental health policies, products and practices since its inception in 2007. Our work has lasting impact:

  • Australia’s largest workplace mental health survey, Indicators of a Thriving Workplace, with over 10,000 respondents in 2019, is recognised as the authoritative study into workplace mental health and wellbeing. Results and findings have been presented at conferences throughout Australia, and its practical insights applied by people leaders nationwide to build awareness and drive positive change.
  • The TAKING ACTION: A Best Practice Framework for the Management of Psychological Claims, a comprehensive set of evidence-based, person-centred guidelines developed with Partners and industry experts, was adopted nationally by Safe Work Australia as national best practice for managing mental health claims.
  • SuperFriend’s respected contributions to forums including the Government-led Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance and Productivity Commission into Mental Health ensures our Partners’ perspectives and people are represented at the national level.
  • Long-standing collaborations with industry and government, through which we’ve educated thousands of leaders and advocated for improved worker mental health.

“SuperFriend has improved the mental wellbeing of Sunsuper people by ensuring they feel supported and work in a positive environment. SuperFriend brings a lot to that equation in terms of helping us develop a wellbeing blueprint which has been critically important to developing our leaders to create a positive supportive environment.”

Scott Hartley – former CEO, Sunsuper

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A snapshot of SuperFriend’s achievements