Partnership benefits overview – Insights

  • Enhance your mental health data analytics through access to ‘preventative’ data from Australia’s leading and longest-running workplace mental health study – Indicators of a Thriving Workplace. Access to this data provides you with extensive opportunities for new insights including possible opportunities to design better early intervention and prevention initiatives.

  • Co-develop research opportunities to drive positive change in industry and government policy agendas and practical solutions

  • Collaborate in developing future insight papers relating to mental health and suicide prevention that are relevant to progressing industry and member outcomes

  • Improve understanding, awareness and engagement with staff and clients by having access to SuperFriend’s extensive collection of thought leadership articles and other content

  • Enhance your own organisational performance through Industry-specific data and insights into employee mental health, employer support and capabilities, and incidence of mental health conditions and potential claims

  • Co-design impact measures for our Partnership with you and more broadly across the industry and report the positive changes we are making together

Working with Partners puts SuperFriend in a unique position to provide insights to our Partners in both the financial services industry, and mental health and suicide prevention sector. As we straddle both sectors, we understand the challenges and opportunities and are able to translate these insights into practical change.

SuperFriend’s insights bring different thinking and perspectives to your organisation. We know that data is incredibly important. Our insights are designed to provide not only the data, but the ‘so what’ interpretations that lead to pragmatic outcomes.

Indicators of a Thriving Workplace report

A key highlight on SuperFriend’s calendar is the publication of our annual Indicators of a Thriving Workplace Report. This national survey has evolved into Australia’s largest workplace mental health and wellbeing survey. The 2019 report featured insights from more than 10,000 Australian workers reporting on their experiences of mental health within their workplace, using 40 scientifically-validated indicators of thriving workplaces. Currently, Australia is scoring 62.7 out of 100, which is no change on the 2018 result. Any score above 80 is considered thriving, and only 5% of Australian workplaces are in this category. This work highlights sectors who are excelling in workplace mental health, and also identifies areas for improvement and practical actions all workplaces can apply to benefit their people and performance.

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This national survey is representative of the Australian working population, with responses weighted using ABS data. This translates to ensuring responses are from all different industries, role types, locations and demographics such as age and gender.

Each year we also include a ‘deep dive’ into contemporary issues, with a focus on stress in 2019. We also looked at vulnerable populations including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers, casual workers, and those with lived experience of mental illness – and the unique challenges they face.

In addition to the release of the national report, SuperFriend also provides a deeper dive into the unique issues and experiences of key industries and demographics, through a serious of focused profile reports.

More recently, this data has been used to provide further support to our Insurance Partners in their preparation of Industry Fund tender submissions. Using data from the Indicators of a Thriving Workplace, we have been able to provide insights and analysis on different funds based on member demographics including member location and industry affiliation.

There is so much data, both qualitative and quantitative, that could be used to assist insurers and funds further in understanding the ‘preventative’ steps needed to help their members, employers and customers. Through partnership with you, we look forward to exploring how best to leverage these incredible insights to benefit your business and customers.



Coming soon – new workplace assessment tool

SuperFriend sees greater opportunity for more granular insight gathering and greater capacity for trend analysis as we continue to conduct our Indicators of a Thriving Workplace survey annually.

We have commenced development of an online Indicators of a Thriving Workplace solution for business. This platform will enable individual organisations to perform internal analysis and track their results against the 40 scientifically-validated indicators of a thriving workplace. Benchmarking will enable businesses to compare their results with industry and national scores.

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SuperFriend is then able to consult with participating organisations to assist them in designing and implementing mental health and wellbeing strategies, specific and relevant to their business, leading to an improved culture and thriving working environment.

This online solution will not only be offered to our Partners for the benefit of their own business, but to the roughly 750,000 associated employers of our Fund Partners. We have enormous potential to facilitate and drive meaningful change within these organisations and build an exciting repository of data capturing the health of organisations across Australia.

In 2014 SuperFriend conducted a groundbreaking, industry-wide study into the real cost and number of insurance claims relating to mental illness and suicide known as SuperMIND. This study was replicated by the FSC in 2018, and while we fully support the continued analysis of claims data, SuperFriend sees greater value in not only looking at claims data, but looking further upstream to assess the impact of poor mental health strategies and the flow on effect on claims. The aim of this research will be to identify and then invest in initiatives which employers can implement that can demonstratively reduce mental illness-related claims.


White Paper: Behind the Scenes in Australian Life Insurance Claims Management

Additional insights and resources assist our Partner organisations and staff by undertaking research that identifies relevant solutions. For instance, in late 2018, we collected over 30 hours of qualitative research insights from claims teams at two insurers and two reinsurers. The human-centred design approach involved onsite environmental observation, team observation, individual interviews and group meetings and workshops involving staff with between two and 30 years’ experience. This included claims staff, team leaders, rehabilitation staff, reinsurer claims teams and various other workers supporting and assisting claims staff.

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Our findings were published in August 2019 as part of a white paper titled ‘Behind the Scenes in Australian Life Insurance Claims Management’. The report highlights eight key takeaways which we discuss in detail within:

  1. Success is defined as ‘incremental progress towards recovery’.
  2. Working collaboratively and building trust early informs future success.
  3. Job satisfaction is directly linked to the person on claim’s validation of claims staff’s effort to support recovery.
  4. Workplace culture drives behaviour.
  5. Finding the balance between administrative vs holistic claims management is challenging but critical.
  6. Managers / team leaders play a crucial role.
  7. Confidence and capability development are essential.
  8. Despite the challenges, some claims staff are succeeding.



Thought Leadership

SuperFriend is a well known thought leader in workplace mental health with a specific focus on the insurance and superannuation sector. The expertise of our team is frequently called on by media and event organisers to provide valuable commentary and insights. This includes recent commentary with respect to insurance product design and how policies can better respond to higher rates of mental health claims:

In partnership with the reinsurance sector, we see enormous potential to collaborate on a range of new research projects which further support the creation of healthier workplaces and reduce the volume and duration of claims. We also see a greater benefit from insights into early identification and prevention. We’ll never eradicate mental illness related claims, but by working together we can better understand mental illness trends, the effectiveness of mental health and wellbeing training and other solutions to ensure positive claims outcomes for the whole community.