Partnership benefits overview – Solutions

  • Invest in continually enhancing capability, knowledge and customer experiences for claims and underwriting staff within your organisation and that of your clients through accessing existing solutions and co-designing new solutions on mental health and suicide prevention

  • Build the skills, knowledge and expertise of claims and underwriting staff to empower employees to identify early biopsychosocial risk factors and take preventative action

  • Refine your underwriting guidelines through improved mental health language and questionnaire design

  • Transform claims experiences for customers and staff, by investing in best-practice Person-Centred Communications – a proactive, evidence-based training program that empowers customer motivation for recovery

  • Influence and inform the development of new innovative solutions to solve the challenges faced by your organisation, and your clients

  • Grow your team’s expertise and skills in addressing mental health and suicide prevention though industry-specific and ALUCA accredited, training programs and learning journeys on MySuperFriend. This will ensure your organisation, and your clients, always remain compliant with FSC’s Standard 21.

  • Improve staff retention, engagement and productivity by working with SuperFriend’s consultants to analyse your own organisations mental wellbeing initiatives and strategies and devise cost-effective and impactful enhancement plans to address any challenges and capability gaps within your organisation

  • Positively enhance your organisation’s profile through sponsorship of SuperFriend’s Partnership Summit – a new, cross-sector industry leading event showcasing the latest trends, research, insights and innovative practices of ‘what works’ in mental health and suicide prevention, whilst providing you and your staff with professional and business development opportunities

SuperFriend adopts an evidence-informed approach in all we do. Our solutions leverage growing research from thriving organisations and positive psychology, linking constructive organisational practices to better business outcomes.

Instead of reactively addressing issues and risks in isolation, we support integrated wellbeing strategies which:

  • promote the positives of good health and good work
  • prevent harm, and
  • support people in need.

The SuperFriend team have extensive qualifications for supporting organisations with mental health and wellbeing, including Positive Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Human Resources, Exercise Physiology, and Work Health and Safety.

“SuperFriend is an integral part of both the life insurance and mental health communities at TAL, we are honoured to have a strong partnership with them.

Our close working relationship has allowed us to be market leading by utilising them to implement mandatory people leader training on MH in the workplace – TAL is one of the first life insurers to do this.

Margo from SuperFriend is a part of our Mental Health Action Group, who we rely on heavily to provide guidance on mental health wellbeing or conditions across underwriting, claims and product.

SuperFriend is one of our key partners and we truly value this two way relationship.”

Dr Sally Phillips – General Manager Health Services, TAL


Mental Health and Wellbeing Training

SuperFriend currently offers a number of mental health and wellbeing training courses as well as a number of other presentations and programs. With the current global pandemic restricting our ability to deliver this material in person, we have quickly adapted the following courses for virtual delivery, maintaining quality and meeting Partner needs:

  • Psychological First Aid for COVID-19
  • Contact Centre Staff Training
  • Workplace Mental Health Fundamentals
  • Workplace Mental Health for People Leaders
  • Managing Challenging Interactions
  • Person-Centred Claims Management Training
  • Workplace Mental Health Essentials

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In addition to these standard modules, SuperFriend’s consultants are here to work with Partners to uncover needs and design strategies that meet their requirements. For instance, we are currently working with one of our Insurance Partners to develop a mental health and wellbeing solution which provides support to not only the employees of the employer group, but the wider community. This is intended to be used as a blueprint for a much wider and deeper engagement where the Insurer, in partnership with SuperFriend, will deliver support for all key stakeholders in and around an organisation.


MySuperFriend – a new Learning Ecosystem

Over the past 12 months SuperFriend has worked with Partners to identify needs and develop the framework for a responsive approach. From these discussions, we have prioritised making our content more accessible to a wider audience, more engaging and more user-centric, and developed MySuperFriend, our new Learning Ecosystem, due to be released in July 2020.

MySuperFriend provides mental health and wellbeing training for employees to use at their convenience, with short, sharp, animated learning modules and an interactive user experience. It also acts as a live dashboard where partners can view up-to-date partnership activity, track employee training progress (providing comfort that employees are receiving the necessary awareness of mental health and wellbeing) and report on company-wide compliance with the required learnings. It will also house other tools and resources, pre- and post-course learning activities and a range of new best practice solutions we continue to develop.

Person-Centred Communications

Foundations of a Person-Centred Approach was piloted in late 2019, as the first part of our recently developed training program, Person-Centred Communications. The program aims to deliver better outcomes for members through an improved claims experience. When we adopt a person-centred approach to claims, we enter into a goal directed, collaborative partnership that keeps the person at the centre of decision-making about their claim. It is strengths-based, leveraging the person’s unique expertise to build self-esteem and motivation to change. As such, it is considered a particularly effective communication method when engaging with members whose claim relates to mental illness.

Crisis response resources – COVID-19 and bushfires

In the first quarter of 2020, Australia experienced two significant events that have impacted the mental health of a large portion of the population. First, the unprecedented bushfire crisis affecting all states leading to loss of life, property and economic stability. Then, the emergence of COVID-19 resulting in further loss and economic turmoil.

In both instances, SuperFriend worked to respond to these events and produce freely available, Partner-driven, support resources. Balancing the need to be timely, considered and meaningful, we started with the publication of immediate support resources and continue now to provide in-depth support for those directly and indirectly impacted by these events.

In the case of our COVID-19 response, we have also created an interactive learning module which is publicly available on our website. This includes a daily self-check in function and provides individuals with tools to monitor their own mental health as well as practical tips to maintain or improve wellbeing.

Try our COVID-19 online self check-in module

SuperFriend Partnership Summit

As highlighted by the Productivity Commission, mental illness costs the Australian economy an estimated $180bn per year – or $500m a day. The life insurance industry is the largest financial contributor for people with a mental illness, paying over $700 million in mental illness-related claims in 2018.

In response to this enormous industry challenge, SuperFriend has commenced planning of our first annual Partnership Summit. This event will bring together industry leaders from SuperFriend’s Reinsurance, Life Insurance and Super Fund Partners and the mental health sector to discuss the most recent trends and practical solutions and hear from some of the leading experts in this space. While the current COVID-19 pandemic has delayed this event, SuperFriend remains hopeful that we will be able to launch this initiative prior to the end of 2020.